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Wind Turbine Main Shaft

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Main Shaft for MW-class Wind Turbines
TongYu has now become one of the world's largest production bases of MW-class wind turbine shaft, which is a core part in wind turbine to connect wind mill and gearbox or engine. Wind turbine main shafts are manufactured from steel ingots with forging, heat treatment, and finishing processes.

Since the cost of replacing shafts is rather high, so the quality requirements in producing them must be high. The service life of TongYu main shaft is generally to be at least 20 years. Main shaft for MW-class wind turbine possesses large dimension. It calls for high requirements in performance, flaw detection, and metallographic structure.

TongYu provides wind turbine mains shaft for various corporations, like GE Energy, Vestas, GAMESA, Suzlon, Anderson, Sinovel, Guodian Union, CSIC Wind Power, Nanjing NGC Group, etc.

Clients are required to offer their drawings and technical requirements, which will be transferred to the technical department (heat treatment center, large forgings research center, mechanical research center, and welding departments, etc.) for confirmation and accounting. Then we will give clients the quotation. The ordered products will be put into production as soon as possible after clients have placed an order. For any problems raised in the production line, we will contact and communicate with our clients directly.

Technical Parameters
Materials 42CrMo, 34CrNiMo6, and so on
Common main shaft models 1.25MW, 1.5MW, 2MW, 2.1MW, 2.3MW, 2.5MW, 2.85MW, 3MW, 3.3MW, 4MW, 5MW, etc.

Manufacturing Process
Smelting – Forging – Heat Treatment – Roughing – Quenching and Tempering – Machining – Coating –Packaging

Quality Control
1. In the smelting process, to ensure the high purity and low gas content of raw materials, apart from the required chemical elements, we have strict control upon some harmful elements such as P, S, Pb, Sn, As, Sb, and Bi, as well as some gas or non-metallic debris like H, O, and N.
2. Strict forging technique is employed both to ensure there are no flows inner the products, and to keep the main shaft's microstructure consistent with the overall shape of forgings. The comprehensive processing lines commit that the spare parts are of good mechanical properties and long service life.
3. Products will acquire high comprehensive mechanical properties after quenching and high-temperature tempering treatment. The impact performance is high whether for 42CrMo main shaft of room temperature, or low-temperature 34CrNiMo6 main shaft.
4. We employ CNC equipment for finishing to ensure the high processing accuracy of our forgings. The advanced painting and coating technique for corrosion resistance will meet the requirements of long-term field work.

Case Show
  • Main shaft for 5MW wind turbine

  • Main shaft for 2MW wind turbine

  • 2MW wind turbine main shaft

  • Main shaft for 2MW wind generator

  • Main shaft for 2MW direct-driven wind turbine

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