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Custom Industrial Castings, Lathe Bed, Bearing Housings, Wind Turbine Parts

Related Products: lathe bed, internal combustion engine, diesel engine, wheel hub of wind turbine, bearing housings, frame, ingot mold
Ductile iron is mainly applied in wind turbine products. Frame, wheel hub, and bearing housings are core accessories in wind turbines. They are manufactured by resin sand molding, smelting, and casting.
Main steel grade: EN-GJS-400-18U-LT, EN-GJS-350-22U-LT

Clients are required to offer their drawings and technical requirements, which will be transferred to the technical department (heat treatment center, large forgings research center, mechanical research center, and welding departments, etc.) for confirmation and accounting. Then we will give clients the quotation. The ordered products will be put into production as soon as possible after clients have placed an order. For any problems raised in the production line, we will contact and communicate with our clients directly.

Properties of Castings for Wind Turbine
1. Since the service time of wheel hub, frame, and bearing housings is required to be over 20 years, and the replacement cost of these vital parts is rather high, the quality requirements upon castings are extremely high.
2. Requirements on the materials' properties and nondestructive tests of MW grade large wind turbines are harsh.
3. We will control the castings' quality from smelting, non-destructive test, and machining aspects according to the products' structure and the technical requirements clients have provided. Our 1.5MW and 2.5MW series castings have met the needs of various companies, like Senvion, SANY Heavy Industry, Shanghai Electric, Huachuang, Huayi, Swiss Electric, GEOHO, and Nanjing Wind Power Technology Company.
4. Gray iron castings are generally used for lathe bed, internal combustion engine, diesel engine, and ingot mold; we have ever provided 120t machine tool for Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Company.

Manufacturing Process
Shape and Technique Designing – Mold Making – Shaping – Core Making – Die Arranging – Smelting – Casting – Cleaning – Polishing – NDT – Performance & Metallographic Examination – Machining – Painting – Packaging

Quality Control
1. The leading development trend of wind turbine is to turn to large size gradually. This has raised higher requirements for castings' wall thickness and materials. By modifying the manufacturing techniques, we modify the graphite morphology to obtain a kind of ductile iron whose elongation, impact value, tensile strength, and tensile strength reaches or exceeds the standard value.
2. For wind turbine products with high processing needs, we employ riser technique to ensure the raw materials' high purity and uniform components.
3. TongYu commits that our casting products meet the non-destructive standards, and possess the properties superior than standard level.

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