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Structural Parts

Reducer Box, Rotor Base, Stator Frame, Wind Turbine Parts

 Reducer box
Reducer box

The structural part series of TongYu is mainly comprised by reducer box, base, beam, rotor base, and stator frame.

Reducer is an independent closed transmission device between the engine and turbine. It is used for reducing the rotating speed and increasing torque. Reducer box is an important component in reducer. As a support of the reducer, it should possess large enough rigidness and strength. For the convenience of installing and disassembling some shaft parts, the box is subdivided horizontally into 2 parts along the axis. The upper box cover and the lower body are connected into a piece with bolts. To guarantee the box's rigidness, we have specially set ribs near the bearing holes.

Other typical casting products are rotor housing, stator frame and rotor base, like rotor housing for 2MW direct - drive wind power generator and rotor base for 2.5MW direct - drive wind turbine. Rotor housing and base are applied in protecting the rotor of wind turbine; stator frame is used to support and protect the stator of wind turbine. Both the rotor and stator are vital parts of wind power generator.

Clients are required to offer their drawings and technical requirements, which will be transferred to the technical department (heat treatment center, large forgings research center, mechanical research center, and welding departments, etc.) for confirmation and accounting. Then we will give clients the quotation. The ordered products will be put into production as soon as possible after clients have placed an order. For any problems raised in the production line, we will contact and communicate with our clients directly.

Manufacturing Process
Material Cutting – Assembly – Welding – Flaw Detection – Annealing – Surface Treatment – Packaging

Quality Control
1. A strict inspection is required both for the raw steels and the welded workpieces. Only those materials having reached our standards will be put into production.
2. According to different products, different tools are employed to avoid deformation and enhance the products' quality, such as inside and outside sealing rings for rotor base
3. Strict forging technique is required to meet the nondestructive testing requirements. After welding, we will conduct flaw detection upon clients' request, such as UT and MT tests for welding seams basing on JB/T4730.3 and JB/T4730.4 standards. The quality grade is Ⅰ.
4. Trolley type heating furnace is adopted for annealing to relieve the stress after welding.
5. CNC lathe is used for finishing to guarantee the processing accuracy.
6. In the surface treatment plant, we conduct painting treatment for the structural parts upon clients' request. Then the products will be transferred to the packaging line. Different packaging styles are employed for different products.

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