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About TongYu

Tongyu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is a forging part manufacturer established in 1991. We are located in Shandong Yucheng, with various railroads and state roads running through the city. Now Tongyu owns RMB 7.8 billon of total assets, with the net assets accounting for RMB 3.7 billion. We have created 13 subsidiary companies, and have set offices in regions like Asia, Europe, and North America. TONGYU has been assessed as a well-known trademark in China.

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Products and Applications
Tongyu is professional in providing a wide range of forging products, which can be mainly classified as wind turbine main shafts, DN50-DN2600mm ductile iron pipe moulds, cold work rolls, large support rolls, rotor shafts for large steam turbines and generators, large crankshafts, marine shafts, pressure pipeline, ultra supercritical boiler pipes, pressure vessel forgings, machine tool bed, hub for wind turbine diesel engine, bearing housing, large forging blank, ESR ingots, etc. Besides, Tongyu produces and customizes various standard or non-standard equipment and machine parts upon clients' requirements.
TongYu provides 1-5 class large forgings , castings and key parts for wide industry ranges, like metallurgy, mining, hydroelectric power, thermal power, wind power, nuclear power station, shipbuilding, petroleum chemical, heavy machinery, marine engineering, aerospace, and mould.

Our production is supported by a variety of comprehensive production lines which incorporate smelting, casting, electroslag remelting (ESR), forging, heat treatment, welding, and machining.

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Partners & Achievements
Over the past 25 years, TongYu has witnessed significant progress and considerable achievement. We are the largest production base of MW wind turbine generator shafts in China, the largest production base of ductile iron pipe mould in Asia, as well as one of the major castings and forgings Chinese manufacturers.

TongYu is now maintaining stable and long-term partnerships with thousands of companies all over the globe. In addition to Chinese markets, TongYu forging products have also found large demands in over 30 countries and regions in the world. TongYu has established long term cooperation with many world famous companies such as GE Energy, Siemens, Vestas, Suzlon, TD Power Systems, Alstom, etc.

TongYu is situated in the High-tech Development Zone of Yucheng City, Shandong Province. Yucheng enjoys convenient traffic, famous historical sites, rich cultural heritage, as well as delicious snacks. We will be always expecting your visit and cooperation.

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