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    1. Wind Turbine Main Shaft TongYu has now become one of the world’s largest production bases of MW-class wind turbine shaft, which is a core part in wind turbine to connect wind mill and gearbox or engine. Wind turbine main shafts are manufactured from steel ingots with forging, heat treatment, and finishing processes.
    1. Ductile Iron Pipe Mould TongYu is the largest production base of ductile iron pipe mould in Asia. Our pipe moulds are available mainly in diameter from DN50 to DN2600mm. Ductile iron pipe mould is a compulsory tool in producing ductile iron pipe. It is rather expensive and its price takes a large proportion in the production cost of casting pipes. So it is of great significance to improve the quality of pipe molds and extend their life.
    1. Pressure Vessel Forgings Pressure vessel is designed to work under certain pressure, temperature and medium for a long time. So in addition to the high requirements on mechanical properties of vessels’ material, it has also set standards upon pressure vessels’ creep strength, temper embrittlement, corrosion resistance, as well as their performance under high/low temperature according to different applications and environments.
    1. Forgings for Thermal Power Turbine rotors and generator rotors are required to work under a high speed of 3000-3600r/min, and high/medium pressure rotors for steam turbine have to bear a temperature of 400-560℃. So the materials for high/medium pressure rotors of steam turbine must own the properties of high temperature resistance, good plasticity and toughness, high creep strength, and low ductile - brittle transition temperature.
    1. Forgings for Hydropower As one of the largest suppliers of large castings and forgings in China, TongYu is able to provide various free forgings for thermal power, hydropower, and shipbuilding, etc.
    1. Forgings for Shipbuilding The large forgings for shipbuilding TongYu provides can be divided into 2 types: structural parts of ships (rubber stock,rudder pin), and shaft forgings (intermediate shaft, propeller shaft). The first type mainly calls for high welding, but little carbon equivalent requirements for steels.
    1. Other Forgings Apart from forgings for thermal power, hydropower, and shipbuilding, TongYu also provides custom forgings for metallurgy, mining, nuclear power, and aerospace, among other industries. Forging parts range: ring gear, torsion bar, roller shaft, blower shaft, upper roller, crusher roller, bushing, roller, dies, rotors for sugar cane juicer, shaft of roller press, etc.
    1. Cold Rolling Mill Rolls Among all of the rolling mill rolls, cold rolling mill roll requires the highest quality requirements. Its manufacturing technique is also the most complex. Work rolls for cold-rolling mills work under extremely high rolling pressure to produce a plastic deformation upon the cold-rolled steel strips. Besides, as a driving roller, cold rolling mill roll have to bear the transmission torque. So its hardness and strength must be high enough.
    1. Back up Rolls Back up roll is generally of large size and heavy weight. It is hard to be manufactured. Back-up roll is used to support work roll by reducing the work roll’s diameter and enhancing its rigidness. It helps to reduce the deformation of work roll thus enhancing the plates’ precision and quality. With the roll’s surface contacting with work rolls for a long service time, back-up roll have to bear large contact stress and shear stress, the 2 forces of which will cause back-up roll to get deformed or worn.
    1. Electroslag Remelting Ingot TongYu has developed 73t AP1000 electroslag remelting ingot, which is the 3rd generation of ingot used for nuclear plant pipeline. Electroslag remelting means melting the consumable electrode with the resistance heat generated from electricity. The molten metal will converges into droplets and passes through the slag pool, then falls into the crystallizer. Under the water cooling effect, the metal will immediately solidify into steel ingots.
    1. Steel Ingot Steel ingot is the raw materials to fabricate high-quality forgings. For producing steel ingots, die casting has the advantages incomparable for continuous casting. TongYu adopts short-line smelting method. The production is powered by electricity.
    1. Castings Ductile iron is mainly applied in wind turbine products. Frame, wheel hub, and bearing housings are core accessories in wind turbines. They are manufactured by resin sand molding, smelting, and casting. Main steel grade: EN-GJS-400-18U-LT, EN-GJS-350-22U-LT.
    1. Structural Parts Reducer is an independent closed transmission device between the engine and turbine. It is used for reducing the rotating speed and increasing torque. Reducer box is an important component in reducer. As a support of the reducer, it should possess large enough rigidness and strength. For the convenience of installing and disassembling some shaft parts, the box is subdivided horizontally into 2 parts along the axis.

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